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A wise person knows themself. Knowing you need support shows enormous strength already, though you may not even realize it. Unfortunately, no one is able to leave the past behind - learning to carry the past and not feel the constant weight of it is the path to healing. At Hummingbird Counseling and Trauma Center we offer services for many mental health challenges.

Trauma and Abuse Survivors

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms our ability to cope with stress. Stress can come from chronic exposure over a long period of time or an acute single event. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic event like an accident, injury, community violence or attack or ongoing abuse such as emotional or physical abuse as a child, domestic violence/intimate partner violence, trauma work allows us to find ways to move through the experience and find new coping skills to manage and grow in resilience. Request an Appointment


Chronic anxiety can lead to so many life challenges that everyday tasks feel overwhelming and unmanageable. Learning to address anxiety can help you feel more control over your reactions and interactions so you can begin to live your life the way you want to live it. Request an Appointment


Life is full of stressful events and challenges. Some stress is to be expected. However when you cannot function in a way that you would like the stress can become overwhelming and paralyzing. Counseling can help teach skills to address stress and return you to feeling confident and focusedRequest an Appointment


Feeling down more days than not? Is it harder to get out of bed or meet up with friends or family? Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused? Are you experiencing negative, harmful self talk? You may be experiencing feelings of depression. Counseling helps find ways to overcome the negative self talk that helps depression take root and grow. Request an Appointment

Grief and Loss

Loss and grief are very difficult to deal with alone. No matter the stage of grieving, support is always helpful. Grief and loss are not straight lines and as we move through life we can experience different levels to an old loss. If you have a new loss or are struggling with an an old loss, therapy may be right for you. Request an Appointment

Multicultural Concerns

Finding a therapist who understands the multiple factors that make up a person can be hard. At Hummingbird Counseling and Trauma Center we strive to provide culturally aware services and focus on helping you balance your multicultural self with the personal and social demands everyday life puts on us. Request an Appointment

Life Transitions

Are you experiencing a big life change? Heading off to college? Getting a divorce? Children growing up and moving out? Starting over in a new city or a new employment field? These life transitions can be stressful in varying ways. Counseling can offer a safe and comfortable space to process these changes and establish a new normal for yourself. Request an Appointment

Trauma & Abuse
Grief & Loss
Life Transitions
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Whatever the situation,
we can help you find your path to healing
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